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A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Donald Trump: Stop Dancing on the Graves of our Slain LGBTQ Brethren

I woke Sunday morning to my phone chirping that a new text message had arrived. It was from my radio show co-host, Steph Taylor inviting me to a vigil to be held in our local town… a vigil f…

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Why I Hate New Orleans: a transplant essay

Great post on the City of My Birth. You will be quizzed.

Andrew Marin . net

I hated New Orleans from the first moment I set foot in it. I hate Tulane for giving me a scholarship. I hate the Newcomb girls for being so ugly and overdressed all the time. I hate the all-night bar in the basement of the school’s university center. I hate that friends who stayed active in Greek life remained friends with ones who never joined it. I hate not attending a party school, and, more importantly, not living in a party city. I hate that my mom convinced me to visit and that my dad also fell in love with the city once he visited. I hate that my baby brother went to school next door after he visited during spring break.

I hate that I moved here over ten years ago, tried to leave, and came crawling back. I hate that it took me this long to write a…

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The 25 Most Beautiful Scores to Write To

What an amazing collection! I am definitely going to use them in the future. Thanks to The Collective for compiling!

The Collective Blog

I don’t talk about music often. I listen to it constantly, and my tastes are eclectic, but there is something very personal about the melodies that speak to me. Music is vital to my creative process, and as a writer, I find it invaluable. Film and television scores are a particular weakness of mine, and sometimes I have to watch a movie more than once simply because the first time all I did was lose myself in the composer’s creation. That being said, I’ve been writing a lot of fanfiction recently, and have opened up to my fellow writers about the kind of music that helps me immerse myself in the story.

Here are my top twenty-five scores to write to, in a very vague sort of order. Please note that I have combined certain series to save room on the list (it’s not cheating if the movies in a trilogy…

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Good Night, Dear Souls – August 22, 2014


My 30th High School Class Reunion is this weekend in New Orleans.  I will not be attending, but I find it amazing how different things are now than they were at the time of the last reunion.  Five years ago, I had absolutely no contact with anyone from my high school class.  Now, thanks to social media, I’ve reconnected with many of them.  Some of the folks I really liked in high school are no longer people I really want to hang with, and some people I absolutely detested have blossomed into amazing, fascinating adults.  I see them so differently now, both as adults and as the teenagers they used to be.  With the perspective of time, things that were once painful, hurtful, or just plain infuriating take on a deeper, richer texture.

My former classmates seem to have a different memory of me than I have, too.  It’s funny, seeing your past self through the reflections of your adult former classmates.  When I think back upon my younger self, I see a nerdy, awkward geek who never came near to reaching her full potential.  My memories of myself back then are harsh, judgmental, even hateful at times.

But some of the words I hear now about that younger me include kind, smart, funny, creative – characteristics I never would have attributed to myself at the time.  Whose memories are accurate – theirs or mine?  And if I was wrong about myself then, what will my future self see differently about the person I am now?

I wonder if my classmates remember themselves the way I remember them?  The hilarious pranksters, the so-smart-they-were-intimidating-intellectuals, the beautiful ones, the healers-of-broken-souls.  No matter what their pictures on Facebook show, I still see them young and healthy, the girls in their red and grey plaid skirts, the boys wearing grey slacks.  I see them in their band uniforms, prom dresses, big 80s hair, full of potential and fear and excitement.

I was not a popular person in school, although I had my circle of friends.  For so many years, I looked back on my school days with bitterness and regret. But tonight, in the shimmering glow of nostalgia, I realize that these clever, outrageous, cruel, boring, funny, intense teenagers formed the cauldron in which my future self was clarified, strengthened, and distilled.  And all the good memories and bad are merely ingredients in this wonderful amalgam I have become.

So, my old friends, while you are partying this weekend in The City that Care Forgot, please know that I haven’t forgotten to care about you.  Please take care, be safe, and maybe we’ll see each other at the 35th.

Go, E.D. White Class of 1984! 

Love, Deb

Schadenfreude and Politics


There are some words that just don’t have an equivalent in English (but should).  If there’s one word we should all comprehend, it’s the German word schadenfreude.  It means, roughly, getting your jollies off of other people’s trouble.  To put it in sports terms, it’s your team having a bye week and watching the rival’s game in hopes they get their asses handed to them.  That glee in seeing your “enemies” fall.  

We are none of us innocent of this.  

But politics are not sports–at least, they shouldn’t be.  So imagine how disgusted I felt with myself when I felt a twinge of illicit glee when a certain Southwestern governnor was recently indicted on two counts of abuse of power. After several years of watching this man attack and attack and attack, I have to admit I felt good seeing him on the other end of the stick for a change.

That’s perfectly normal, you might say.

But it’s not right.  Not for my soul, and not for the country.

Yes, some of us lean left, some of us lean right, and some of us are waaaaaay out in BFE.  But we are all still Americans, and when one American leader is corrupt, we all suffer.  There are no winners and losers in politics–either we all win, or we all lose.

This doesn’t just apply to the United States.  Governance has become a blood sport, pitting country against country, region against region, and ethnic group against ethnic group.  There are no winners, only victors.  And the victors never stay on top for long.

Until we realize that the sole purpose of governance and politics is to benefit the governed, and until we work to remove competition, antagonism, and schadenfreude from politics, we will continue to inhabit a very dangerous, hateful world.  Until we truly embrace the fact that we are all human, despite our differences, and that we are all in this together, things will never truly get better.

So I speak to that vile little snot inside me who is quietly gloating about another GOP governor getting hoist on his own petard when I say, “Get the hell over yourself.”

We must choose love.  We must choose compassion.  We must move beyond the pettiness that is killing our world. Otherwise, we will be stuck in this stupid game forever.

It’s not hard.  Just make a choice.  Today, I will be kind.  Today I will not find joy in another’s pain.  Today I will create an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Do that, and then pass it on.


Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

P.S.  If you read an early version of this, please forgive me.  I got so wrapped up in trying to embed a stupid video that I forgot to proofread.  Mea culpa.

Story of my life……

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Deborah Baudoin – Author Page

Deborah Baudoin – Author Page

Hey, ya’ll!  Working on getting my second novel, Fairville: A Bayou Haunting out on Kindle.  If you’re interested in following my progress, please like my Official Author Page on Facebook.  Love to you all!


Admin: Hellos, Hiya’s, and Where’s She Been??

First of all, let me apologize for being such a slacker on this blog! July and August have just been crazy, and I don’t expect it to lighten up soon. To new followers who found me through Mother Mayhem’s post, thanks for your interest in my blog! I hope to be back into consistent posting soon. Until then, here is a rundown of my schedule for the next couple of months.


I am working on a full-length non-fiction book called “Joy in the Workplace: Loving the Work You Do, No Matter Where You Work” for entry in the Hay House Non-Fiction Book Contest. It’s been a trip writing this—I’ll let you know how it works out.

Early September

My official author blog,, will be going live early this September. It will be mostly writing-centered. I am also launching, which will focus mainly on…well…joy in the workplace! Both blogs are set up, if you’d like to follow them. I’d really appreciate if you sign up for updates!

August 31 – September 3, 2012

Fey and I will be jetsetting over to our old stomping grounds in Phoenix, AZ to attend Coppercon 32. Our dear friends Chris Dickenson and her husband Patrick Connors are Filk and Fan Guests of Honor, and they’ve invited us to join in the fun. Chris and I were part of a filk group in the 90s called “The Duras Sisters.” We made a couple of CDs (Masquerading as Human,
Rubenesque, and Young Klingons in Love: The Duras Sisters in Concert at Westercon) and met some pretty famous science fiction actors in the process! (That’s us below with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Rene Auberjonois! He looked pretty nervous there, but was awesomely kind and complimentary after our show!)

I will be backing Chris up in her GoH concert with a bunch of musically-talented friends. If you happen to be in Phoenix, drop by Coppercon and say hello. Fey and I will be participating in panels and filks—I may even premiere a new song!

Here’s my panel schedule:

Filk Concert – Sun 5p

Social Networking Impact on Writers – Sun 7p

Updating Classic Fairy Tale Characters – Sun 8p

Author Reading: Fairville: A Bayou Haunting – Sat 7:30p

Lifehacking – Sun 11a


October 2012

I will be releasing my new novel, Fairville: A Bayou Haunting, on Amazon this October. Set in post-Katrina Louisiana, this haunting tale pits four very different women against the very forces of nature as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding the ghostly appearance of a Victorian woman named Suzanne Gisclair.


Halloween Week

Fey and I will be traveling to New Orleans to celebrate Halloween with old friends and family. It’s been almost six years since we’ve been home to Louisiana, and we plan on having a blast while we’re there.


As you can see, it’s going to be a busy couple of months, but I’ll try to keep in touch. I’ve got a whole bunch of exciting ideas for 2013 I can’t wait to explore. Until then, stay safe, stay strong, and keep striving upwards!


Joy to you,



Mr. Pain Body, Meet Your Match

Eckhart Tolle talks about something called “the pain body” in his books. This Pain Body is the essence of all your dark and negative emotions and experience, and it’s sole purpose is self-perpetuation. So, like a nasty little devil on your shoulder, it whispers all these horrible things into your brain all the time, keeping you in a constant state of rage/fear/pain/sadness/panic. You know, its crack cocaine.

Anyway, today as I was angsting over the latest drama at The Day Job(TM), I decided to picture my Pain Body as a melodrama villain a la Snidely Whiplash. I saw him, with his handlebar moustache, top hat, and black cape, hovering near me, trying to whip up trouble.

Then I just started poking him, laughing at him, nyah-nyah-nyah like some brat. And rather quickly, all the paranoia I was feeling began to lift until I felt light and peaceful and energized.

It helps to depersonalize your insanity. Then you can mock it and reduce its power over you.

Oh, and I signed up for this site today. It’s pretty nom-a-licious for the Compulsive List Maker.