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All the Back Roads Home: Little Girl Lost by Deborah Baudoin

Twenty-five years after the headlines have faded, the infamous kidnapping of six-year-old heiress Samantha Lawson is just another human interest story. That is, until private investigator Mark Hunter finds the clue that breaks the mystery wide open and restores the missing woman to her family. Deep in the backwoods of Kentucky, he finds Mary Lee West living a dark life of isolation with her adoptive parents. Every sense in his body tells Hunter this is the girl, the little girl lost he has dreamed of finding all his life. But Mary Lee West hides many secrets. If he’s going to prove she’s the missing Lawson heir, Hunter is going to have to do it quickly–before her danger past catches up to them both!

  • All the Back Roads Home: Home at Last by Deborah Baudoin

Samantha Lawson, kidnapped as a child and raised by her captors in the backwoods of Kentucky, finds herself thrust into the shark-ridden world of the ultra-wealthy when she is discovered and freed at age 31.  As she struggles to find her place in this new world,  Samantha must discover the strength and resilience within her to  overcome 25 years of isolation, abuse, and addiction.

Paperback versions can be ordered here:

Kindle Version (combined) is available here.


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