About Ten Thousand Soapboxes

Ten Thousand Soapboxes is about voices.   We all have thoughts, ideas, concerns, and opinions, but few of us feel comfortable putting our ideas out there.  We fear ridicule, rejection or being proven wrong.  This blog is dedicated to sharing a few more of those voices which might otherwise not be heard.  We are real people, living real lives, commenting on the vast and rapidly changing world around us.

In the old days, if you wanted to be heard, you dragged a wooden soapbox into the center of the Town Square, turned it upside down, stood on top of it and expressed your opinions.  Today, the Internet has provided countless soapboxes for us to step up on, multiple forums in which we can share our truth.

Ten Thousand Soapboxes is our little corner of that multitude, a place where we can share our thoughts and encourage dialogue.  It is our hope that our readers will be interested enough to join in the conversation by commenting.   It can get a little weird, but that’s just part of the fun.  So welcome, dear reader, to the Soapboxes.  We hope you enjoy yourselves.


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