Opportunity Rising: September 3, 2014


I’m still struggling to get back into a routine after last week.  In addition to the disruption of the holiday weekend, last week was simply difficult.  Far too much stress with far too little sleep, combined with an unhealthy amount of caffeine, salt, and sugar.

We’re not perfect.  We mess up, miss appointments, fall behind on tasks.  But if we constantly strive to do the best we can, defining best as the best we can do in that moment without harming ourselves or others, there’s no need for guilt or recrimination.

My goal is to get back to posting twice a day, consistently, every day.  It’s important to me to have this routine, to meet this commitment I’ve made to myself and my readers.

I hope you’ll be patient with me as I work toward that goal. 

Have a great day–



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