Opportunity Rising: September 2, 2014


Some days, you have to just settle for good enough.  Some days it’s enough to just get through.

In today’s world, we have been conditioned toward excellence.  We have been trained to accept nothing less than our very best.  The trouble is, some days, our very best is just good enough.  Some days, the best we can do is show up and try.

Our hero-oriented culture doesn’t have much pity for what it deems “losers” – people who aren’t the best, aren’t the first, aren’t the richest, aren’t the sexiest.  There’s no quarter for also-rans, it seems.

This sets us up prettily for a ruinous lack of self-worth.  It assures us of constant neurosis, since it’s simply impossible to always be the best at everything.

The best way to empower yourself, then, is to embrace failure as a necessary and valuable part of life.  Moreso, understand that “not winning” and “failure” are not the same thing.  Some days, you learn more from showing up and coming in third than you ever would from winning.

You learn persistence.

You learn faith.

You learn self-compassion.

You learn humility.

These are important lessons that need to be learned.

When you see not-winning and failing as the same thing, the only thing you learn is failure.

And that, my friends, is the real loss.

Be blessed –



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