Good Night, Dear Souls – August 30, 2014


One of the challenges of opening myself up to the universe and my place within it is that I make myself vulnerable.  Normally, I can handle that vulnerability.  Yesterday morning, though, I got rattled.

When I walked out the apartment, I realized we’d forgotten to lock the car.  Someone had rifled through our glove compartment and the compartment between the seats.  They’d made no efforts to hide what they’d done–the contents were thrown all over the seats and floor.

Fortunately, nothing was taken (we never leave anything of value in the car), but my shields were shattered.  I was in no condition to deal with the stress at work, which was at the usual pre-holiday high mark. Needless to say, I came home shaken and exhausted.

When something like that happens, I have a tendency to crawl back into my hole and sleep until I feel safe again.  It’s a normal response.  I want a cocoon, preferably of the steel variety, to protect me from Teh Scary.

As humans, we need a sense of home and safety.  There must be a circle of space around us that is ours, incorruptible and pristine. When that space is breached, we feel lost and afraid.

So, how do you recreate that safe space when it’s been crossed?

I talked to my wife.  I talked to my friends.  I remember that I am more than my body and my house and my car and my job.

Whoever decided to trash my car was looking for something–money, a gun, maybe.  They found nothing.  But I will not let them destroy my security.

Tonight, I will sleep well, and my dreams will be sweet.

I hope your’s are too.





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