Opportunity Rising: August 28, 2014


There’s nothing like an old song on the radio to bring your thoughts into alignment.  I truly think the radio is the Universe’s favorite method of communication, especially for those of us willing and patient enough to listen.

How many times have you been driving along, worrying about something or another, and the perfect song just pops up on your dial?  If you’re like me, it happens all the time.

Last night, I heard the perfect song–a gift from the Universe.  I know it was a gift from the Universe, because I’d neither heard nor thought about the song in years.  It was Dionne Warwick’s “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.”

Over the past week, I’ve been struggling with doubt.  Following the course I’m following is like holding up a sign to the Universe that says, “Please Test My Resolve.”  So, in the words of Abraham, “Ask and It is Given.”  I want to practice kindness, so I encounter unpleasantness.  I want to practice patience, so I encounter rudeness.  I want to practice courage, so I encounter things that frighten and upset me.  In the midst of all this testing, it’s easy to wonder if this path is worth the effort. 

Which is where the song comes in.  To paraphrase, the singer goes on about how crappy it is to fall in love–lies and pain and sorrow, enough germs to catch pneumonia, the whole nine yards.

But the tag of the song, the crux if you will, is that despite the downside, it’s worth it to try again tomorrow.  The benefits of falling in love far exceed the pain and challenge that come with it.

So, I get the hint, Universe.  Keep going forward, no matter how many tests get thrown in your way.  Each test you face and pass is another tool in your quest to create a better world.

It’s important to remember, even if through your dream “you only get lies and pain and sorrow,” it’s always best to fall in love again!

Have a great day –




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