Good Night, Dear Souls – August 27, 2014


Posting for Deb tonight.  Oh, how crazy things get when she forgets to breathe!  Today was one of those days I like to call…challenging.  With each difficulty encountered, she allowed herself to get pulled further into the chaos.

That girl!  If she’d just breathe, if she’d just quiet her mind, she’d hear me.  And what would I tell my girl when she is embroiled in a knot of chaos?

I would have told her it’s okay.  I would have told her she didn’t have to prove anything.  I would have pulled her into my arms, metaphorically, and reminded her that all she needs to do is shift her focus slightly to make everything better.

I won’t lie–I’m rather a fan of the human brain.  I think it is a nifty mish-mash of evolution and sheer random brilliance.  But seriously, when the world is wobbling around you, the brain is not your friend.  Your brain is a genius of creation, a story-teller extraordinaire that will never let facts get in the way of telling a great story full of drama and passion and treachery.

The human brain, however, will not always work with you to keep your cool in a tough situation.  In a tough situation, your best bet are still your lungs.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

If I can give you any advise, my dear ones, it would be this.  In times of stress, send your brain out for donuts.  Let your lungs get you back on an even footing.  Then let your brain tell a better story.

Now, drink some warm milk, snuggle up to your honey or your teddy bear, and let the sweet dreams commence.  

Love to you all–

Deb’s Inner Wise Self (IWS)


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