Good Night, Dear Souls – August 26, 2014


Tonight’s background music

When I spend a lot of time in the Real World™, sometimes I get a little freaked out.  Sometimes, I look around and see how much I am not like other people.  It unnerves me that things that seem so obvious and true to me don’t necessarily resonate with others.

This sense of otherness can be distracting and even discouraging  at times.  it makes me question whether I am up to the task I set for myself.  Sometimes, it even makes me question whether the task I set for myself is worthy and even wanted in this world.

Fortunately, I have a very practical wife who is perfectly happy to use me as a life-coaching guinea pig as she goes through training.  She reminded me of something tonight, something very important.

The truth I tell is my own.  I do not have to evangelize. I do not need to convert the masses.  I do not need to save a single soul.  All I have to do is tell my truth, because to not tell my truth is to let it burn inside of me until I am a husk of a human being.

I ask you, my readers, to join me on this journey of discovery.  But participation is not mandatory, nor is agreement.  I’m just sharing in hopes that I may reach the eyes and souls that need this message the most. 

We are in the middle of a tumultuous time in history.  We are all standing on shifting ground.

I send you love, I send you peace, and I send the wish that you may always speak your truth.

Sweet dreams – 



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