Good Night, Dear Souls – August 25, 2014


There are times I feel we’d all be better off without language.  The branding of things, people, places, and mostly ideas–that is a tricky business.  When we first went verbal, did our ancestors know what we were getting into? What were sacrificing in the name of evolution?

Words are my passion, my clay if you will.  I love words, and revel in the complexity with which they are sculpted to reveal deeper and rarer truths.

But there are some truths so deep and rare that words cannot begin to fathom, let alone express them.  I wonder, had we never developed the power of speech, would we have more understanding of these truths?

Is our compulsion towards labeling and cataloging and “understanding” every thing we come into contact with having the complete opposition effect?  I think sometimes maybe it is.

I think sometimes you have to put down the words, put down the charts and graphs, let go of scientific rigor for a moment, and just…know.

Know what music is without breaking it down into notes, chords, rhythms, pitch, tone, dynamics.

Know what art is without an eye for color, design, negative space.

Know what love is without reaching for validation or justification.

Do our brothers on this planet, the animals, birds, fish, plants, and crawly things, have an edge over us?   

Should we take a moment and just stop thinking?

I think it might be a plan, just for a moment.

Looking forward to non-verbal dreams tonight.

Love to you all, my friends.



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