Opportunity Rising: August 23, 2014


Sorry about the late start–weekends.  Not a morning person. Ya know?

A friend is interviewing a Very Famous Person today and asked if I had any questions I’d like to have answered.  Of course, I had one to offer and hopefully the message got back in time for the question to be included in the interview.

But this raises other, more important questions.  Why do we turn to Very Famous People to answer life’s burning questions?  What about us makes us seek out authority figures wherever we may be able to find them? Why do we depend so much on the opinions of others to help us create our own worldview?

I think some of it falls under the category of humans being pack animals.  We developed in society, and society is our security.  By constantly assessing the views and opinions of the pack, we assure ourselves that we will not do or say anything that will endanger our standing within that pack. The higher the standing of the individual (like a Very Famous Person), the more we value their views and opinions.

The problem comes when we become so dependent on the opinions of others that we forget to have opinions of our own.  We forget to listen to the quiet, authoritative voice within that will always lead us true.

The fact is, I don’t need this Very Famous Person’s answer to my question.  I have my own theories.  But I am interested in that person’s take on the subject.

Maybe this is where we should strive to be–have your own opinions and views, but be curious and open to the views of others.  That ensures not only that we have strong individuals, but strong, cohesive packs as well.

Anyway, that’s how my day is rolling.  Hope you enjoy yourselves today and have a safe Saturday.




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