Good Night, Dear Souls – August 21, 2014


No matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip.  Sometimes, you forget you are a soul experiencing a physical existence.  Sometimes, you forget you are eternal and powerful and full of light.

Sometimes you get dragged back down into the mundane, the harshness, and the pain of life.  Sometimes it gets cloudy in your mind, and you believe the drama you’re telling yourself about this, that, and the other thing.

Today I let myself get dragged back down, and it hurt.  Forgetting who I truly am is dead painful.  Thinking that this break-neck life is all there is–that’s pain.

I am lucky.  I have a support system in the form of my wife Kathryn, my darling friends and family, and a host of teachers available to me through their writing, music, and art.  When I slip, they are there to catch me.

Let me be here to catch you…

  • when you forget that you are infinite.
  • when you forget that you are glorious.
  • when you forget that you are Divine.

We are here,now, in this space for a reason.  We are not just organic consumers and creators of waste products.

When you speak, let your soul shine through.  Tell your true story, that story that only you can tell.  And never forget that this (waves around to the so-called Real World™) is just a story we tell.

Tell a better story.  Choose kindness.

Love, my friends.



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