Opportunity Rising: August 21, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with current events.  On the one hand, I want and need to be aware of what is going on in the world if I am to play a part in improving things.  Putting my fingers in my ears, squinting my eyes shut, and singing “lalalalalalalaaaaa” at the top of my lungs is not going to change the problems of the world.  I have to be aware if I’m going to be part of the solution.

On the other hand, wow.  Just…wow.  The sheer volume of challenges the world is facing today can be staggering.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless as you learn more about what needs to be done to help restore the balance to our society and our planet.  I’m not immune to these feelings.

For instance, I just finished reading an intense interviewer with Eric Snowden, followed by a talk by Noam Chomsky called “Who Owns the World?”  By the end of these articles, I felt depleted and ill-equiped to face the world.

So, I did what I always do–my routine.  Driving to work, I said my morning prayers, including an appeal to my patron Hestia. 

Funny thing about prayer–most people think it’s a monologue.  But if you shut up and listen, sometimes you will get an answer back.

And Hestia’s answer to my question of how to balance peace of mind with cultural and political awareness surprised me.

Use it as fuel.

Instead of letting the weight of the problems dampen your fire for change, convert it to fuel.  Look at the things being done, look at the injustices, look at the work still incomplete, and use them to feed the fire of your determination. 

Anything can be fuel for the fire of change–love, hate, fear, injustice.  A story of a community coming together to help their own can be just as invigorating as the outrage we feel at police brutality or corporate misdeeds.

It’s all fuel, sayeth the Original Domestic Goddess.  Everything has the potential to create change, if you use it wisely.

What sources of fuel are you ignoring?  Can the burdens that weigh you down be converted into life-giving energy?  Comments welcome, of course.



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