Opportunity Rising: August 20, 2014

91486638.kC5dRSAv.DesertSunrise_79993I talked last night about worry, and how we create so much of our anxiety.  This morning, I’m thinking about the inevitable love child of anxiety and worry, also known as procrastination.  Procrastination is a tasty little mess of a habit, as seductive as it is destructive.

You see, with worry and anxiety, you know you are wasting time (or at least, suffering).  Procastination, on the other hand, has a whole lot of disguises that make it seem almost legitimate.  Have you seen any of these disguises popping up in your day lately:

  • I just don’t have time.
  • I need more information/preparation.
  • The time just isn’t right.
  • The market just isn’t right.
  • I don’t want to take time away from my “fill in the blank.”
  • It’s selfish to spend time/effort on this when there are so many other important things that need to be done.

Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the lies procrastination tells to fool you into thinking that delay is noble or smart.  Sometimes, this is true.  Sometimes you have to put aside a need or deed in order to get critical business done.

Procrastination exploits the sense of emergency–there’s always just one more crisis or one more responsibility taking you away from your dreams.

Just for today (right now, not two hours from now, not two days or weeks from now), do something you want to do.  Don’t wait.  Don’t justify.  Just do it.  (I’ll wait.)

<insert elevator music here>

There.  Did you do it?  How did it feel? 

Now, imagine that feeling every time you needed to get something done.  No worry.  No stress.  Just done, and move on to the next thing. 

Procrastination robs us of our peace while denying us the satisfaction of accomplishment.  It’s a nasty little bugger.  Don’t let him into your life.

Now, I’m going to go read before my break is over.  Why?  Because I want to…now.




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