Good Night, Dear Souls – August 19, 2014


Thunderstorms and lightening here tonight, dear friends.  Nothing to fear, as long as you take precautions.  As long as you are aware.  And if you live in the desert, as long as you don’t drive through washes–seriously, the water’s deeper than it looks.

Before the storm broke, the sky was alight with heat lightening.  It was downright freaky, and it worried Deb. There was foreboding, a heaviness to the air that she didn’t like.  The break of the storm was almost a relief.

Is that where we are now?  Are we in the heavy, foreboding time before a storm breaks?  And when the rain begins to fall, will it be a relief or a deluge?

Most storms can be weathered, if you’re sensible and prepared.  And worrying about them just takes away energy you could be using to get yourself in order.  The future, as I’ve stated many times before, is a story we tell ourselves.  Whether it’s the perfect storm or the perfect fairy tale is completely up to you.

As individuals, what stories are we telling about our future?  As a culture, what stories are we writing?

The future is ours to write.  There may be storms.  There may be lightening.  But there will also be sunrises and stars and moons and joy.

Let’s tell a better story, my friend.

Sweet dreams.

Deb’s Inner Wise Self (IWS)


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