Opportunity Rising: August 19, 2014


So.  How was your Monday?  If you are like 99% of the people I encountered yesterday, you have just weathered a pretty rough beginning to the new week.

It’s easy, when things get off to a rocky start, to let that grow into an ever-escalating tidal wave of yuck that overwhelms you completely.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we free ourselves from the concept of weeks, days, even hours (all of which are merely mental constructs to explain our journey through time), we are able to focus on the only thing that really matters–now.  Every moment you are alive, you have an opportunity to live the best life possible.  Every moment you are mindful, aware, and living in the present (not some fictional future or historical past), you have the opportunity to live fully, joyfully, and with integrity.

So why don’t we let go of Monday?  It’s history.  And let’s not worry about the rest of the week–it’ll get here soon enough, and we’ll handle it as it comes.

Just in this moment, though, life is pretty sweet.

Peace and joy to you all – Deb


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