Good Night, Dear Souls – August 16, 2014


Tonight, I’m thinking about place.  Our place in time, in the cosmos, in relation to each other.  Place seems to be something people are very concerned about — mainly in terms of hierarchy. “Know your place” is a phrase often abused, yet in the right context, it can be wise counsel.

Knowing your place doesn’t mean accepting the status life has thrust upon you.  It doesn’t mean barefoot and pregnant, or resigned to the back of the bus, or washing dishes in the kitchen.  

Knowing your place can mean awareness, deep awareness of who you are and where you stand.  

Take a moment and think about that.  Who are you?  Where do you stand?  What are your connections?  Yes, you are a human being.  Yes, you are some variety of male or female (born that way or becoming, no matter to me).  You might have an address that you call home, a group of humans (or animals) you call friends and family, and a place or thing that you call work.  There may be crafts or activities you call hobbies or talents.

But are these things your place?  What about your place in time?  Not just in relation to history, but in relation to yourself?  What is your place compared to the you of fifteen years ago?  Are you happier, sadder, healthier, more content, more sophisticated, dealing with bigger problems?  What is your place compared to the you yet to come?  You are the progenitor of your future–what can you predict from your present course?

To know your place is not to be stuck, but to be grounded.  It is to have a context in which to view yourself and your decisions.  It is the launching point for all of your adventures to come.

If you don’t like your current place in time, space, and history, there’s no need for regret.  Just as you are not the person you were, you are also not the person you will become.  And the good news is that the power to change your course is in your hands.  Through your thoughts, actions, and choices, you carve out the unique path that only you can follow.

So dream well, my friends.  Dream big, and in bright splashy colors.  You are exactly in the right place and the right time to work miracles.

Good Night,

Deb’s Wise Inner Self



2 responses

  1. You have always been wiser thsn you would admit to…..but now 20years later your wisdom and knowledge of people just make me smile in joy!

  2. I love you, too, Dawn. And I learned a lot of it from you! *HUGS*

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