Opportunity Rising: August 15, 2014


I’m feeling a great deal of joy today.  Usually, by Friday mornings, I’m so filled with stress and frustration that I start off the day scrunched up and knotted.  Today was no different.  I took several moments in meditation to clear myself of the negativity, like I always do.

But then I did something different.  I filled the empty spaces left behind.  It’s not enough to clear out the negativity.  All that does is create a vacuum where more negativty can just seep in.  You have to consciously replace that negativity with something positive.  Whether it’s love, Christ-consciousness, agape, whatever–fill it up.

I reached out this morning to Hestia, my unlikely patron goddess.  I say unlikely because Hestia is known mainly for being the original Domestic Goddess, and I ain’t nothing of the sort.

But Hestia is more than a Olympian home-body.  Hestia is hearth.  Hestia is home.  Hestia is stability and family and trust and all things being where they belong.

In ancient Greece, every home had a hestia, or sacred hearth.  Every town had a hestia.  When young people left their family home to start their own home, a flame from the family hestia was brought to the new home to light the new hearth.

I imagined the light of hestia filling the empty spaces where I’d cleared out the negativity.  I imagined the light of my home, my family, my tribe, my culture, my history–all filling the empty spaces where negativity usually lurks.

I’m smiling now.  No, the BS factor hasn’t been reduced.  In fact, it’s been ratcheted up a notch or twelve.

But I am home.  Home is inside of me.  And that, as another Domestic Goddess is wont to say, is a good thing.

Peace, my friends –  Deb


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