Good Night, Dear Souls – August 14, 2014


It’s my turn to write tonight.  Debbie has been too much in the “real world” lately, which tends to stop up creativity and slog down her spirits.  (Thank goodness for Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach Cello Suites.)

So here I am, Deb’s Inner Wise Self (IWS, to friends and family), picking up the writing mantle.  It’s been a challenging week, hasn’t it?  A comedy legend meets the most tragic of ends, the epitome of beauty and half of one of the sexiest celebrity couples of all time passes away, and the a young man is cruelly cut down by police. These events have tapped into a well of anger, sadness, and frustration that have been simmering under the psyche of the American people for a very long time.

It’s hard to be an empath in this day and age.  The tidal wave of pain overwhelms, and everywhere you look, there is more coming.  There is a strong urge to hide under the covers, shut down, avoid and ignore the real world until the dull cloud of normalcy returns to hide these wounds once again.

But that’s not what being alive and aware is.  As much as we may wish to pull into ourselves and away from the pain, our job here is not avoidance.  Our job here is transformation.  Our job here is to make a difference.

Any scan of social media will confirm that people are angry.  They are furious, and rightly so, about the state of affairs.

You will come into contact with that anger.

You will be presented with a choice–how do you respond?

Please remember that every choice is an opportunity.  Every choice is a chance.  

What choice will you make, when presented with the sadness of the world?  Will you add to the pain, or will you be an instrument of healing?  Will you confuse and contort, or will you open your mind and heart to new ideas?  Will you embrace bigotry and fear, or will you remember that we are all children of Earth?

Debbie couldn’t write this post.  She had to rely on me.  You can’t write your life either–you must rely on your Inner Wise Self.  But don’t worry–the Inner Wise Selves of the World are a pretty smart group, and we love working together.

So be brave, my friends.  Be joyful.  Be kind to each other.  And never forget to listen up–we’re whispering in your ear all the time.

My love to you–Deb’s Inner Wise Self (IWS)


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