Good Night, Dear Souls – August 9, 2014


I’m looking around at a tidy house.  It’s not perfect, and the chores are far from complete.  Yet there is a feeling of peace in this moment.  So many of the things we have to do seem overwhelming, so many of the jobs enormous and beyond our control.

When we look at the problems of the world, they seem insurmountable.  Maybe they are…maybe we are not meant to solve all the world’s problems.  Problems, while frustrating and exhausting, are our fuel.  They force us to work, to reason, to evaluate, to choose.  They force us to root through the mess, sorting out the clutter and reinforcing the valued.  Problems, whether real or imagined, are what motivate most of us to improve–our lives, ourselves, our relationships.

I look at our sorta-tidy home, and I resist the urge to sigh because it’s not finished.  Instead, I’m going to be proud of what was accomplished and move on to the next challenge.

So what about you?  If you take a moment to reflect on your day, how did you fare?  what problems did you face?  What clutter did you remove?  If you made even the slightest bit of progress today, then kudos to you!  And if you can’t see any visible progress?  Sometimes, the work being done is not visible to the human eye.  Sometimes, what seems to be a lack of external activity is only a surplus of internal activity.

No matter what, dear readers be gentle with yourself.  Remember that each day is a process. Don’t look for winners or losers–just look for progress.  And keep an ear to the ground for the sound of Happy Dancing in the distance.

My best to you all –

Deb’s Inner Wise Self (IWS)

P,.S.  Here’s a little happy jam to keep you dancing!


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