Opportunity Rising: August 9, 2014


Yes, I know it is technically not morning.  Saturdays begin later for this night person.  Today is going to be house-cleaning day at our place, and I’m surprisingly excited. Many of us (myself included) put off unpleasant tasks until we absolutely have to do them.  But there is a joy that comes with taking care of business–especially business you’ve been avoiding for a while–that is absolutely invigorating.  So instead of worrying about it, this time I plan to enjoy the task as well as the reward.

What have you got on the agenda today?  Difficult tasks?  Fun adventures?  Whatever it is, remember to enjoy the process as much as you do the reward.  That way, the payoff never has to come–it’s there from the very beginning.

Love and light to you all, dear readers.


P.S. Sharing is easy, and costs only a click or two of your mouse.  😀  You know you wanna….


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