Good Night, Dear Souls – August 7, 2014


Hello, my lovelies.

Here we are at the close of another day. What wonders did you experience?  What joy did you share?  It occurs to me that you have been waiting all your life for this day.  All things, beautiful and dreadful, encapsulated in a single spin on the axis.

Did you dream boldly?  Did you dare without reservation?  Did you love with all of your heart, heedless of fear or care?  When opportunity presented itself to you, did you take a running leap to the edge, knowing the sheer force of your passion would carry you through the air like an eagle?

Every day, every single day, is an opportunity for you to soar. Today was no different.  But if today was not 100% up to your expectations, I leave you with the gift of hope and the immortal words of Mrs. Katie Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler (but never Wilkes):

“Tomorrow is another day!”

Peace and love to you all, my dear readers.  And if you feel the urge, you know where the Share button is located.

Deb’s Inner Wise Self


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