Good Night, Dear Souls – August 6, 2014


It’s been a long day.  The planet has turned another pirouette on its axis, and sleep is our reward for another day of life.  I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, filled with joy and challenge and those amazing moments where everything just fits perfectly together.

However, if you’re at the end of your day and feeling a little less-than-stellar, perhaps I can help you find a little perspective.

In the course of this one day, you probably have:

  • Taken approximately 20,000 breaths of pure, nourishing air.
  • Daydreamed almost half the day (hope your daydreams were awesome!).
  • Made at least one person smile or laugh.
  • Completed at least one difficult task.
  • Done something kind for another human being.
  • Done something to make yourself feel proud.

These are no small tasks.  These are things that, on their own, may seem insignificant, but strung together create a life of meaning.

And if that’s not enough for you, ponder this.  At this very moment, somewhere in the world:

  • A newborn is taking his or her first breath.
  • Someone is falling happily into their bed after a long, exhausting drive.
  • A parent is greeting their child after a long separation.
  • A designated driver is bringing his or her friends safely home after a night of fun.
  • The cast is coming off at last!
  • Someone is driving down the road, head-banging to this song.
  • The driver next to them has turned off their own radio, rolled down the windows, and is singing along.

So as you’re heading off to bed, I just want to give you a friendly reminder.  You are beautiful.  You are worthy.  Your life has meaning.  Sleep well, and sweet dreams, my dear.  

Deb’s Inner Wise Self

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