Feel The News, March 15, 2012

Let’s start the week with a look at some things that all Republicans know to be true.

Republicans believe: “Democrats spend more than Republicans”


Republican presidents have increased government spending more than Democrats during their first term. 

It seems the congressional purse strings get tighter during democratic administrations because they “spend more.” But for Republican presidents? Oh, they’re fiscally conservative. Let them have all the money they want.

Republicans believe: “Obama, like all Democrats, has greatly expanded the size of government.”


Under Obama, government is shrinking.

There are 598K fewer government jobs today than there were in January 2008.

Republicans believe: “Taxes have increased under the Obama Administration”

In a poll, more than 70% of Republicans (but less than 20% of Democrats) said that the tax burden has increased.



The tax burden on middle-class Americans has decreased during Obama’s presidency. More than one-third of the 2009 stimulus bill consisted of tax cuts, including expanded tax credits for workers, people with children, college students, homebuyers, and the unemployed. In 2010, Obama proposed and Congress accepted a substantial temporary reduction in the payroll tax, which was recently extended through 2012. Meanwhile, the Bush-era income tax cuts were also extended through 2012.

Consider yourself a fiscal conservative? You should be for subsidized birth control.

“Spending just $235 million to expand access to Medicaid family planning services would save $1.32 billion, Brookings projects. That’s an amazing rate of return: 560%. And that’s just the spending on a government health care subsidy. Paying your private health care premium is an even more efficient way to invest in female contraception because there’s no new government bureaucracy to set up; the framework is already there. It’s a private-sector solution that grows the economy and makes us all wealthier. It reduces the abortion rate and cuts down on the number of unmarried mothers. If that’s not a conservative-friendly idea, what is?
– Max Fisher, The Atlantic

The conclusion I have been drawing from the right’s recent loud howling over the culture wars (abortion, gay rights, secularism) is that it’s getting louder because they know they are losing.

Not everybody agrees.

A pastor in Las Vegas wrote four years ago that, “the culture war is over. We lost. Let me repeat: WE LOST.”

But a blogger over at Daily Kos last month said, “Really? If it is over, don’t count on Republican voters to realize that. Right now, they are on the verge of nominating someone who is almost exclusively known for his extreme culture war views. This isn’t because they are angry they lost the culture war, not by a long shot. . . These are not people who are prepared to lose, ever.”

And some wish for balance:

“I know many people who hold conservative values like equality and freedom, but those voices were lost this year. . . If it weren’t for the loud voices of a few in our party, I do believe more Republicans would stand up in support of marriage equality,” – Kathy Potts, former GOP committee chair for Rick Perry’s presidential campaign in Iowa.


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  1. Really excellent information, Joel. It’s important to balance out the static with actual facts.

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