Feel The News, March 9, 2012

The week’s big kerfuffle:  A radio talker with a history of drug abuse attacked a young woman by lying about the facts and calling her names.  Although he has been peddling this kind of ignorance for decades, this week the free market decided to reject him.  By his March 7 broadcast, he was down to four paid ads, seventy-seven free PSA’s, and three occurrences of dead air.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice split hairs between “due process of law” and “judicial process” and decided that the President has the power to unilaterally order a citizen killed, without any of the due processes that have been developed over centuries. This continues the power grab of the Executive Branch that started under GWB, and has angered civil libertarians.

“That this policy is being implemented and defended by the very same political party that spent the last decade so vocally and opportunistically objecting to far less extreme powers makes it all the more repellent.”

Glenn Greenwald, writing at “Salon.com”

A big problem for the Republicans in this presidential election: They are not running against President Obama.  Instead, they built an imagined candidate (let’s call him “Barack X”) who is a radical secret Muslim and a secular socialist, hell-bent on destroying capitalism.

And people are noticing.

“Romney . . . sometimes has to invent differences where none exists and conjure up an imaginary Obama foreign policy out of thin air so that he has an easier target to hit.
“Romney has now trapped himself by opposing himself to this imaginary Obama of “apology tours,” rejection of American exceptionalism, and appeasement, and he has tied himself to this thoroughly false portrayal of Obama for so long that it would be difficult for him to stop and to start grounding his attacks in facts.”
Daniel Larison, writing at “The American Conservative”

“His (Romney’s) entire candidacy is built on various fantasies dictated by his unhinged party’s base.”
Andrew Sullivan, writing at The Dish

“. . . by now anyone who can be convinced that Obama is a secret Black Panther never thought otherwise. The guy has been president for three years. Americans are pretty familiar with him. He hasn’t actually started herding white people into concentration camps, and it’s an awfully tough sell to tell people that he might any day now.

“This is a version of the larger problem conservatives have as we get into the 2012 election. The argument many of them will be making, in various forms, is this: Forget about what Obama has actually done. That doesn’t tell you anything. Let me tell you a story about his secret desires, his wicked thoughts, his venomous heart. That’s what your decision should be based on.

“Watching this stuff is immensely dispiriting, I’ll grant you. But it should be some consolation that it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Paul Waldman, writing at “The American Prospect”

And now, the photo of the week:

President Barack Obama signs the prosthetic arm of Sgt. Carlos Evans, USMC, after greeting wounded warriors in the East Room during their tour of the White House, March 6, 2012. First Lady Michelle Obama first met Evans, who was injured in Afghanistan while on his fourth combat deployment, during a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


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