Beginning My Next Almost Half Century

Friday, June 4, I turned 44 years old. Happy birthday to me, right? 🙂 In addition to a good day, several good meals, and a nice little card from my Mommy (no, I’ll never be too old to get a birthday card from my Mommy), I decided that I am not going to give up on this whole writing thing. The fact is, I am going to expand my goal.

There is so much about writing that I love–the idea that one can use words to express ideas in a fresh and entertaining way, the belief that my words can change people’s lives (or at least, their minds), and the utter coolness of typing away and eventually getting a finished product I can be proud of on the page. These are all great things, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

But I realized that there is one thing I love that writing doesn’t give me an opportunity to do as much as I’d like to–interacting with other people. When I’m knee-deep in writing, I tend to isolate myself, withdraw into my mind, and let my human interaction dwindle. I know that marketing and personal appearances are part of being a professional author, and I’m so ready for that. But until I manage to establish myself, I need another way to get my people fix.

One way is through public speaking. Unlike the other 99% of the human race, not only am I not afraid of public speaking, I actually thrive on it. When I was in school, my idea of the perfect career was to be a motivational speaker–you got to travel, help people, and people paid you to talk them! How cool is that?

I’m not, and I don’t think I’ll ever abandon fiction. But I realize that at this juncture in my life, I need to expand rather than contract. I have a lot to say, and I want to use every skill at my disposal to help improve the world. So my net is widening, and hopefully I’ll draw back even more rich experiences to me in the next almost half century of my life.

Peace, folks. Till next time–



2 responses

  1. From what I’ve learned of you via LJ, I think you’d be an awesome motivational speaker.

  2. Thanks, Ariestess. Coming from you, that is a compliment.

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