Mr. Pain Body, Meet Your Match

Eckhart Tolle talks about something called “the pain body” in his books. This Pain Body is the essence of all your dark and negative emotions and experience, and it’s sole purpose is self-perpetuation. So, like a nasty little devil on your shoulder, it whispers all these horrible things into your brain all the time, keeping you in a constant state of rage/fear/pain/sadness/panic. You know, its crack cocaine.

Anyway, today as I was angsting over the latest drama at The Day Job(TM), I decided to picture my Pain Body as a melodrama villain a la Snidely Whiplash. I saw him, with his handlebar moustache, top hat, and black cape, hovering near me, trying to whip up trouble.

Then I just started poking him, laughing at him, nyah-nyah-nyah like some brat. And rather quickly, all the paranoia I was feeling began to lift until I felt light and peaceful and energized.

It helps to depersonalize your insanity. Then you can mock it and reduce its power over you.

Oh, and I signed up for this site today. It’s pretty nom-a-licious for the Compulsive List Maker.


2 responses

  1. You know this really is a great way to look at the pain body – absolutely brilliant, not to mention fun.

  2. Hey, if I can accomplish nothing more, at least mocking my inner pain makes me feel better.

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