Coming in from the Rain

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I’ve been going through some really rough times with the writing–mainly the negative self-talk that results in sleeping on the couch while the Disney Channel drones in the background instead of being creative. I haven’t been getting much written, but I now know the theme songs to both Hannah Montana and Phineas and Ferb. Yay!

In the past few days, though, I’ve managed to start writing again seriously. A friend suggested I submit a story to the latest issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress, and I discovered that I actually still enjoy writing short stories. I’ve got 3000 solid words on my story so far, and I actually think I can get it done in time.

I also found a WONDERFUL site called Archetype Writing. This is one of the best resources I’ve found in a while, especially when it comes to dealing with my writers block and depression.

So, my friends, I have been down, but I am not out. Allons-y!


One response

  1. I know you haven’t really had anything exciting happen with your writing lately – but I want you to notice that when you were seriously trying – I mean giving it all your heart, you were finding these kinds of things…
    To paraphrase Neil when you try – really, really try, you find that the universe will throw things at you to help you move forward… but when you stop working the process, the process stops working.

    Keep writing – don’t give up…
    Give it all your heart and you’ll find that the universe will once again begin to lead you in the right direction and offer you gifts to help you realize your dream.

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