It’s been a while.

Snow and poverty and a Saints Superbowl have pretty much kept me busy in the last few weeks. However, I am still writing, submitting, and Living the Dream. 🙂 Okay, at least on weeknights and weekends.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up momentum, especially when you’re doing it alone. Or at least, when it feels like you’re doing it alone. My partner is a very good writer who does not write, so while she is great at encouraging me and helping me work out Escher-like tangles in my plot, she does not have that writer drive in her.

There are days when I wish I had an entire room full of writers to sit and bitch with, especially when my prose seems so terribly lame and my characters 2-D and my plot…well, just stupid. There are times I wish I had a room full of people just as neurotic as I am, where we could all commisserate on the absolute masochism of our chosen dreams.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s really great to have a girlfriend who just says, you’re great, you can do it, and NO you can’t skip writing to watch your Netflix movie. Sometimes, that’s a really wonderful thing to have.

Now, I’m going to log off the internet (having dutifully sent out the three chapters an agent requested) and get back to Fairville. Poor Mo–I left her in a bit of a pickle, and I guess I ought to just go move things along. Namaste, my peeps.


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  1. The Stuffed Owl Louisville Fiction Group

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    58 Writers Who Actually Write

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    Check out this Meetup Group →

    As for my part – tell me what you want me to do and it’s your’s…
    Anything you need I am here… just make sure I Get it written down on my to do list and I’ll do it for you every day day in and day out. =)

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