What Writers Do When They’re Bored

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to put a role in my new novel for actress Veronica Cartwright. That started me thinking about who I would cast in the movie version of All the Back Roads Home. So, without further ado, here is the IMDB listing for the A-List Feature Version of All the Back Roads Home:

Samantha Lawson: Ashley Judd
Mark Hunter: James Denton
Alan Lawson: Oliver Platt
Kattrina West: Dana Ivey
Frank West: Beau Bridges
Marion Lawson: Ellen Burstyn
Edward Lawson:
Celeste Lawson: Kristin Chenoweth
Mitch Williams:
Lou Mancetti:
Dr. Charles Ganault: Stanley Tucci

I chose Ashley Judd because she has that awesome mix of vulnerability and pure strength. James Denton because he’s hot in a regular guy sort of way. Oliver Platt and Kristin Chenoweth as Alan and Celeste, simply because I think they’d bring a levity to the procedings. Dana Ivey and Beau Bridges as the Wests–Dana because she can play the complex mix of evil and frailty needed for Kattrina West, and Beau Bridges because he looks like he’d be such a nice guy–which would only make the character scarier. I’m still on the fence about Edward, Mitch and Lou, but Ellen Burstyn and Stanley Tucci are shoe-ins. Honestly, I’d create a part for Stanley Tucci.


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