I am falling in love with Veronica Cartwright all over again. 🙂 Got two of her films from Netflix–so very different, yet both incredible performances.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair: A very young Veronica plays a nasty little vamp in this TV movie of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story. She’s gorgeous, 3-dimensional, and holds her own with Shelley Duvall (not an easy task).

Straight-Jacket: Veronica plays Jerry Albrecht, a closeted, workaholic agent in the early 50s whose main client is an outrageous Rock Hudsonesque movie star who is more successful than discrete. The entire movie is a hilarious send-up of the old 50s romantic comedies.

So, what character could Veronica play in the movie version of Fairville? I don’t know, but there will be a character for her. Seriously. I want this woman in my movie. (Yeah, Deb. Write the novel before casting the film.)


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