The Thing About Pep Talks…

They only provide valuable advise if you actually use said advise.

I did not use my advise from the previous post.

I have not written anything in days.

I know this is one of those Stupid Writer Things you’re not supposed to do, but my depression has been in Super Awesome Overkill Mode since last week. I’d pretty much convinced myself that this was not for me, and that I was wasting my own time and my loved ones’ patience trying to be a Real Writer (as opposed to the kind who writes hundreds of short stories that are well-received, but completely unpublishable due to their fannish nature).

But I’m not going to give up. I am working on a plan to get the same kind of encouragement I got for my short stories–namely, someone reading as I go along and telling me, “You can’t stop now.” That’s how I wrote the first novel.

Fact is, I do not have it in me to be my own pep squad. There are simply too many insecurities there, soo much self-esteem crap pulling me down and distracting me from the business of putting words on the screen.

So Fey is going to read my pages on Fairville as I write them, and bully me into writing more.

It’s sad, but it’s come to this. I need a keeper.

Thank god for girlfriends and chocolate. The universe would collapse without them.


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