I started work in earnest on Fairville last night. It was so nice to be working on a new project after so long with the first novel. At this point, that baby is in the hands of the fates (or whatever literary agent wisely chooses to pick me up.)

I have to admit, I love the first part of working on a story or novel, when everything is still nebulous. You can go anywhere, do anything, and create your reality as you go along. I was kind of surprised last night at the tone one of my scenes was taking, but pleased. I know where I’m going in my head, but I have no particular path I’m emotionally attached to. I just fully intend to enjoy the journey, trusting my ability to tell a decent story and create interesting characters. Angst does not create good fiction; it creates ulcers.


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  1. Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner | Reply

    It is the best part of writing, that first creative rush when you can do –anything you want– ! I love it. I'm writing a new book now and having so much fun doing whatever. I know that when I'm done with the draft I'll read through it and tear out my hair, but this part is fun. 🙂 I'll face the despair later… (can I have a year??)

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