Why I Write

I write because I am NOT a painter. 🙂

Okay, I come from a family of artists. My mom and her two sisters are professional artist, several of my cousins are professional artists/designers, my dad owns a gallery and paints, my step-mother works in porcelain, and well, it’s sort of a family thing.

Me? I am not an artist. I doodle. I scribble. As an artist, I make a very good singer. As a painter, I make a pretty darn good writer.

I offer below an illustration. My coworkers at The Day Job(TM) insisted I create this for our Halloween decorations. I call it Drunk Kitty on Posterboard. The media are Dollar Tree paints and White Out.

If I ever quit The Day Job(TM), it won’t be to pursue a career in art.


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