Just a Metaphysic Monday!

That’s right, it’s Metaphysic Monday here at Ye Olde Day Job(TM). Time for deep conversations between reports and calls, pondering the depths of corporate philosophy over the cubicle walls. We’ve decided that our entire center is one big psychiastric experiment, and we’re all lab rats used for the sole purpose of data-gathering. We’re expected to go about our maze, preferably without the knowledge that we’re in a maze, chasing that nibble of cheese and living our little ratlike lives. The guys in the white coats at Corporate monitor our progress, observe our little rodent hierachies, and jot things down in their steno pads. It’s nothing personal–we’re just rats, and we can’t be expected to understand the things people in white coats write on steno pads.

That’s a pretty typical Monday morning in my office.

This is why I need to become a full-time writer. At least then I’ll know I’m a rat….


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