(singing) I’ll keep climbing that mountain…

I have been reading Jenn’s Diary of a Mad Writer blog, and it’s so amazing. Jennifer is this professional writer–you know, quit your day job, sign autographs, Google-hits-like-crazy professional writer.

But reading her blog from back in 2001 is like listening to my own internal dialogue. Okay, maybe not the whole, I’m going to write Regency romance novels, but the doubt, the determination, the shifting interests–and of course, the THIS STORY SUCKS comments.

I strongly recommend her blog to all yet-to-be-published writers (ha! Not negative. Indicates a belief that publishing will be in my hopefully-near future. I’m improving.) Check out my last post for the link. And while you’re out it, go out and buy all Jennifer Ashley’s book, because I want her to be mega-successful. I always said I would ride her coat-tails straight to the middle.



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